Summary of Migration Statement Presented at the UN in 2015

Globally, there were 232 million international migrants in 2013, and many others are internal migrants within their country of origin. This movement of people takes place on such a significant scale that it must be understood as one of the defining characteristics of this age.

The Congregations of St. Joseph is disturbed by state practices and policies that weaken the rights of migrants in the countries where we live and work, especially the detention of migrants, minimalist interpretations of the rights of refugees and of governmental obligations, the exploitation of migrant workers and biased attitudes toward migrants.

People must have the right to migrate in search of personal safety and freedoms, have a job that offers a living wage for themselves and their families, and living conditions that are worthy of the dignity of the human person. We are calling for the globalization of solidarity through governmental policies that create comprehensive .

In particular we seek policies that:

– End the detention of migrants.

– Create cities of solidarity (giving anyone, regardless of immigration status access to services).

– Create a clear path to permanent residency for migrants.

– Formulate gender-, age- and disability-sensitive policies.

– Improve public attitudes toward migrants.

Statement on Migration in English